Gilberto Armchair

My admiration for Gilberto Dimenstein‘s work goes back a long way. His performance in journalism, in the “Projeto Aprendiz” and in “Catraca Livre” is of utmost importance for the intelligent development of our civilization.

Our corner office in Sao Paulo is halfway along the path that Gilberto takes everyday, by foot, between his house and his office. One day in 2011 in the early morning, our honoree knocked on the glass and asked to come in, introducing himself to me, as if he wasn’t known, with the humility characteristic of great men. Before I could express my admiration, he sprang up to congratulate us on having lit up that corner in his neighborhood.

Since then, there have been several incursions by Gilberto into our space in these “after hours”, and each time more profitable, and enjoyable, than any regular office hours.

During one of his visits, he was admiring the first version of the new armchair, as yet unnamed, and smelling of sawn wood, which we arranged in the studio’s window. I invited him to come in and in a few seconds he was already comfortably seated on the furniture.

At that moment, I had no doubts, my newest creation was named Gilberto armchair.

Materials: Jequitiba solid wood with back in Jequitiba laminate

Dimensions (W x D x H): 33.45” x 24.80” x 27.55”

Also available with foot rest (25.60” x 19.70” x 16.15”


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