Posted on March 9, 2021 in Design

The Making Of The ACAU Chair

The Acau Armchair’s inspiration comes from the sea, a plunge of the Brazilian designer Sergio J Matos in the beautiful beach of Acau, in the municipality of Pitimbu in the State of Paraiba, Brazil. The Acau chair is by far one of his most iconic creations.

This unique chair combines the forms of the Elk Horn Coral, the collaboration of the shellfish artisans of the Acau Beach and an amazingly creative and sophisticated handmade concept.

The armchair, with its concave line and steel base, is made of an intricate and labor-intensive construction that simulates the Elk Horn coral aesthetic brought into life by over six hundred cut and twisted wires wrapped with cotton and resin and attached, nature-like, to the steel frame.   

The production takes upward of 120 days and results in an impressive workmanship where functionality and art come together.

This inspiring video shows the process unfolding…