About Centopéia

The award-winning “Centopeia” is one of those objects that transcend its function. Made with coconut fibers and inspired by a centipede, this organic object will bring movement and infinite design possibilities to your home.

Centopéia has already won important design awards in Brazil and abroad, as well as participated in several exhibitions around the world. Among these, we can highlight the award at the IF PRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS in Hannover, Germany, one of the main and most respected design awards. Another highlight was its participation in the DESTINATION BRAZIL exhibition at the MOMA Museum in New York.

⦁ iF Product Design Awards, Hannover/Germany, in 2009; ⦁ Museu da Casa Brasileira, São Paulo/Brazil, in 2005; ⦁ Design House & Gift, São Paulo/Brazil in 2008;

⦁ Destination Brazil, MOMA Museum, New York/USA; ⦁ iF Product Design Awards, Hannover/Germany;
⦁ Brazil is Cosi, Milan/Italy;
⦁ Cienporciento Diseño, Buenos Aires/Argentina;
⦁ Design con Acento, Córdoba/Argentina;
⦁ Museu da Casa Brasileira, São Paulo/Brazil;
⦁ Design House & Gift, São Paulo/Brazil.


Centipede is produced with 100% recyclable materials, composed of natural coconut fibers and wood, from industrial and consumer waste. These fibers are processed and added to a recyclable resin that allows very low loss during production (virtually no losses).
Centopeia is 100% recyclable at the end of its life, it can be reprocessed and transformed into raw material again, thus extending the life cycle to be used in new productions.



The cleaning of Centopeia must be done with a cloth dampened in water, and if necessary, a little neutral detergent. Do not use products with bleach and alcohol.

The coloring of the Centopeia fruit bowl comes from the natural fiber itself, and since artificial colorings are not used in its manufacturing, variations in tonality can occur between one piece and another. This is an exclusivity factor, as one piece is never exactly the same as another.