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About Heritage Brazil

Heritage Brazil’s mission is to bring together the best of upcoming Brazilian designers, artists and artisans who share the same ideals of sustainability and are a vehicle of social change, bettering the lives of small communities throughout Brazil.

The concept of luxury is being reshaped by a desire to conserve resources, respect the environment, and make products in a thoughtful manner. Our goal is to help our clients find mindful and unique solutions for their spaces.

Our motivation is to stir emotions with designer pieces that showcase human touch and the stories behind them. Our products are meticulously handmade with ancestral craftsmanship at the heart of each piece.

We are passionate about creating a space where the client can better understand the designers and their causes. Each sale supports our artists’ creative works and enables them to help many communities in Brazil.

We want to invite you to take this journey with us and be as moved as we are by these designer works. Learn about the Amazon region, Brazil’s indigenous people, and the beauty of Brazilian materials and design.

We are proud to be partnering with the Zagaia Foundation in Brazil to raise funds and awareness of the Amazon region, as well as the many ongoing humanitarian projects.

Be part of our tribe!

Lilian and Tathiana