About Fellicia


In 2011, Renata Piazzalunga and Alessandra Piazzalunga Del Fiorentino started the Fellicia brand to market contemporary Home products that empower local identity, craftmanship and the sustainable use of Brazilian raw materials.
The company’s core stems from the concept of integrating contemporary design with handcrafted techniques.

The vegetable fibers of Piassava, Dende, Coconut Palm and Ouricuri are the real stars of this collection giving a feel of exotic exuberance to this signature contemporary lamps. The aim, when conceiving the collection, was to bring to light elements linked to Brazilian identity but this journey took them to discover the diversity and abundance of all raw materials that can be transformed shaping not only the products but also, and principally, the lives of those making them.

Fellicia is at the forefront of a movement that brings technology, innovation and design to a project that already benefits 150 families in that area of Brazil, has at least 500 products, has won recognition from the international market and earned the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). These accomplishments show that it is possible to change the life of an entire community through Design!

FELLICIA defines itself today as a brand aimed at the luxury market, presenting handmade products that value Brazilian talent and expression, both from designers and artisans. Her collection pieces are created and signed by renown designers such as the Campana brothers, Roberta Rampazzo, Sergio J Matos, Paulo Alves and Kelley White, among others.

the tecituras collection – light fixtures


In this collection, it is the vegetable fibers, rather than the techniques used, that are the stars which make these products unique.
With the aim of bringing to light elements linked to the Brazilian identity, the diversity and abundance of the raw materials were transformed, shaping not only the products, but also, and principally, the lives of those making them.
In this way, the designers Kelley White and Paulo Alves created these products full of environmental, social, aesthetic, and formal significance, that surprise with their contemporary and elegant design.