Cercadinho Buffet

This awarded piece (Planeta Casa) is a perfect example of simplification of form.
Visually it seems to have only two elements:

A perimeter line that unfolds at right angles from one foot to the other, like a thick line that draws a shape in a single groove;

The other element is a multicolored bundle of several pieces of wood, of various widths, which lie side by side, so that they are all contained within the rectangle’s perimeter line.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 63” x 20.50” x 29.50”

Also available in these sizes:

70.85” x 20.50” x 29.50”
78.75” x 20.50” x 29.50”
84.25” x 20.50” x 29.50”
94.50” x 20.50” x 29.50”
104.75” x 20.50” x 29.50”


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