Gravatá Armchair

The Gravatá armchair is inspired by the bromeliad plants, such as gravá, croatá, caroá, caraguatá, coroatá, profusely found in the Brazilian flora. Typical of the Cerrado region, a vast tropical eco-region in central Brazil, the species with few leaves features flowers in shades of red.
The original name comes from the Tupi language word “karawã” which means “stem with thorns”, suggesting a well defended exuberant beauty.
The beautiful, stylized leaves and petals are materialized through the overlapping stainless steel structure. The vigorous and sculptural design is covered by handmade nautical rope.
The delicate ebb and flow of the cord helps create an exquisite texture.
The design, rooted once again in the diversity of the Brazilian landscape, is typical of Sergio J Matos, its designer.

Dimensions: 36.25” W x 31” D x 37.5 » H
Available in different colors.


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