Quadrado Coffee Table

The “Design Com Sabor” (Design with Flavor) line arose from the idea of exploring the Brazilian DNA that is strongly present in design and gastronomy. Paulo and Morena were very comfortable working with ideas that rescued one of the country’s most inspiring and innovative moments, tropicalismo, which mixed traditional aspects of national culture with aesthetic innovations such as pop art.

Planks and trays were created, all in paricá wood from native reforestation in Brazil, in banana leaf shapes, giant heliconias, small bromeliads, flowers and fruits in colorful and vibrant tones, which also recall the spices of our vast Brazilian cuisine. 

The Design With Flavor line also features benches, a coffee table and tea cart designed by designer Paulo Alves.

Design: Paulo Alves and Morena Leite

Dimensions (W x D x H): 54.33” x 31.90” x 12.60”

Materials: In marine plywood with ferrule + LAP UNICOLOR melamine laminate


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