Bombom Armchair

The Bombom armchair size is inversely proportional to its comfort. The tiny Bombom armchair has an upholstered shell and surprises by hugging cozily whoever sits in it. 

The upholstery is soft without being too fluffy. With an exquisite finish and several fabric options, the Bombom armchair can be used in different environments, from living rooms to bedrooms or closets. The designer chose to use three feet for greater stability, and the piece also fits on any type of floor. 

The unmistakable signature of the designer appears in the legs of the piece, where the allusion to the branches of trees is revealed in a subtle way. 

The piece stands out for its multiple uses, for talking, for reading, for comfortably waiting in an office, for example. 

The finishes are only limited to our imagination, ranging from leather to a multitude of fabrics, combined with different types of wood, always sustainably managed.

Materials: Legs in solid Cumaru wood / Top inb fabric or leather

Dimensions (W x D x H): 27” x 24.21” x 24.40”


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