Cobra Coral Chair

The chair’s stainless steel structure reveals the hypnotic effect of the naval rope dyed in the snake’s colors. The coral, black and white alternate in a sinuous ballet and reveals the dexterity of the artisan’s skilled hands. The back of the piece emphasizes lightness and movement. It exalts the beauty of the coral snake that inhabits the whole Brazilian territory, encloses myths of the forest and weaves poetry in Caetano Veloso’s song: “Stop curling, now, coral snake / In order that I copy the colors with which you adorn / So that I may make a necklace to give to my beloved / In homage to your beauty, your languor and your elegance”

Dimensions: 35.5” x 18” x 17.7”
Weight: 18 Lbs
Structure: iron or stainless steel coated with naval rope in colors, red, black and white;
Seat: upholstered fabric


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