Mesa Guaimbe (Base Only)

Despite the chaotic appearance, only two types of battens are used to form the whole. These battens are fixed to each other, forming branches that intertwine to form the structure with the necessary proportion and strength to support the piece.

Its design still seeks to allude to the forms of nature as the structure was clearly inspired by the shapes of tree branches. With this, we believe that we are contributing, through design, to an increasingly necessary awareness of environmental issues. We seek to add this value to design by using ecologically correct raw materials and shaping them in the forms of nature.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 23.60” x 27.55” x 29.10” (fit glass tops from 43.30” up to 55.10” Ø)

Also available in size: 49.21” Ø x 29.10” H (fit round tops from 59” up to 70.85” Ø or square tops from 51.20” up to 59” Ø)


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