Mosqueteiro Bar Stool

Design by Paulo Alves & Hugo França

Wood is the founding element of Brazil’ material culture and identity.

In a time where we massively use synthetic materials, fostering unrestrained consumerism by using for a short duration and throwing away, Hugo França and Paulo Alves’s furniture brings into focus the wood  longevity and symbolic strength.

The pieces that were born from this unique collaboration are truly unique, handmade and handcrafted with traditional techniques, and use several native trees species, re-used timer and reclaimed wood from construction sites.

These fully handmade pieces feel like experiments, without the sameness and precision of mass product items, giving birth to unusual shaped everyday home items.

In this experimental line, Paulo Alves and Hugo França, two well known Brazilian designers, merged their two distinctive styles in a deep, striking outcome.

Both cast distinct features to each piece, fusing the organic shapes of tree trunks (ever present in Hugo’s work, with structural elements in straight sawn wood like the roots of a mangrove that hallmarks Paulo’s furniture.

By creating this line of furniture, they built a sensoriality and transience between two very different processes, that curiously talk to the aesthetic heritage of the genius of Wood.

Made of Pequi & Pau-Marfim woods

Dimensions: 17.75” x 13.75” x 31.50”


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