The Descartes Stool – Plastic Edition

Originally executed with sumaúma reforestation plywood, the Descartes Stool won its Plastic Edition version, which inherited not only the shape of the original, but also its environmental awareness.
The line uses recyclable plastic, colored with saw dust of pine, cedar, cumaru, ipê and roxinho woods, generated in production from a wood mill in São.
By recycling the by-product (sawdust) of a wood mill production and incorporating it in the design of this stool, we are able to re-use a raw material which would have been discarded and to respect the environment in which we live.

The Descartes stool, available in Black, White and various shades of Brown, is a sculpture furniture that can be used as a stool, support or side table.

Made of recycled plastic and wood dust and chips

Dimensions:   (DxA) ∅ 12”x 17.75”
Weight: 22 Lbs


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