Floresta Bookshelf

A multipurpose, self-supporting piece, the Floresta bookshelf can work against walls or as a room divider. Beyond the practical function of displaying objects and books, this bookshelf also, and more importantly, helps us remember the material it is made of, wood.

Our goal in designing this furniture piece is to awaken the awareness of this noble material, which is so much present in Brazilian Design. It reaffirms the designer’s concept that it is only possible to work with wood when thinking about sustainability.

The vertical structure that supports the shelves refers to the forest and represent small trees. The asymmetric lines, which contrast with the horizontal lines of the shelves, play with those on the opposite side. Each small tree starts on the floor base with a larger width that decreases as it spans into other branches.
However, the design is not at all organic but entirely geometric. The cuts and joints that form the branches are inspired by the tradition of Brazilian concrete artists, who from simple planes and shapes, operate cuts and folds, to reach the desired shape.

Made of Parica wood and White melamine

Dimensions: (LxPxA): 71” x 14” x 75”


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